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The Nervous Wreckords

Posted by Sumpm On November - 16 - 2010

Louis XIV may have broken up and gone separate ways for the time being, but all is not lost.  Singer/guitarist Brian Karscig has started a new band, called The Nervous Wreckords.  Not ironically, the song I have playing right now, Similar But Not the Same, is a great description of the sound compared to Louis XIV.  In other words, it has the overall nuance of classic rock, with an updated sound.  It’s not quite Rolling Stones meets Led Zeppelin meets Pink Floyd meets The Beatles, like Louis XIV had going on, but it’s good stuff nonetheless.

Their first album is called Valuminium, and you can pick up the MP3 download version on Amazon right now for less than six bucks.

Changing the Future

Posted by Sumpm On August - 20 - 2010

I’ve seen Back to the Future about a hundred times, and I never once noticed this.  Props to whoever figured it out.

Click for larger image

Oil Derek

Posted by Sumpm On June - 24 - 2010

Derek lays down his inspirational thoughts as to why drugs should be legle… er, legal.  Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, Derek; it just makes it that much easier for the rest of us to stay ahead of the game.



Posted by Sumpm On June - 3 - 2010


Stuff is on the way, give me time.

Edit:  after a couple failed attempts, I finally got my old site imported to this one.  WordPress really needs to work on their export/import function, but at least it finally worked.

Windows 7 Party Pack

Posted by Sumpm On October - 8 - 2009

For those who haven’t heard, Microsoft has been doing a promotion to get the word out about Windows 7, the replacement for Vista.  Along with, they’re giving out promotional packs for individuals to host Windows 7-themed parties, for getting together groups of people to install the new OS.  I entered, got accepted as a host, and finally received my pack today.  Here’s the bulk of what I received:

The box came from UPS just as you see here:

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

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Skydrive and Gladinet – Free Online Storage

Posted by Sumpm On February - 18 - 2009

A few months ago, Microsoft introduced free online file storage through their Windows Live service, called Skydrive.  In December 2008, they upgraded it from 5GB to 25GB of storage (read more here), with reports that they’ll give you even more space once you hit the 25GB limit.

Considering how much other services are charging for online storage space, Microsoft definitely gave us something great with all this free storage.  In fact, you can even use it to share photos with friends and family (or anyone, for that matter), if you’re not a Flickr user, or just have more photos to store and share than Flickr’s free account will allow.  However, as is usual with everything Microsoft does, there is a downside…

Windows Skydrive Uploader

As you can see from the picture above, you’re allowed to upload exactly 5 files at a time.  Considering many of us have digital photos–not including all our other files–in the thousands, this creates a bit of a problem.  A way around uploading 5 photos at a time would be to put multiple photos in a single zip file, and then upload 5 zip files at a time.  However, as you can also see in the above photo, no file can exceed 50MB.  Assuming each photo averages about 5MB, you’re still looking at only uploading around 50 photos at a time… and they’ll all be inside zip files, which makes sharing them and viewing them more of a hassle.

As you can probably tell, this makes using Skydrive just about useless.  It’s on par with winning the lottery, and being told you can only purchase 5 items at a time, with a max $50 limit per item.  Thanks, Microsoft, you almost got it right, once again.


Fortunately, this is where Gladinet comes to the rescue.  It’s a free utility that creates what is basically a non-existent drive on your computer–inside your My Computer folder–which they label the Z: drive.  I call it non-existent because the drive is only available while Gladinet is running, and inside it, you’re not viewing files that are saved on your hard drive, but files saved to Skydrive.

Skydrive Folder

After you install Gladinet, you’ll see a new folder inside My Computer, under Network Drives.  When you open this folder, you’ll see all the folders that are online in your Skydrive account.  The interface lets you easily browse through the folders to get to files, but even better, it lets you upload files simply by dragging and dropping as many as you like over to the Skydrive folder of your choice (i.e. Pictures, Documents, Public, etc…).

It will take some time, depending on the number of files you transfer and your upload speeds, for the process to complete, but just give it time to work.  I’ve found that it’s best to do this before bed, because it totally bogs down my internet bandwidth (the same thing happens anytime I upload to any online service).

If you’re interested in keeping track of upload progress, you can right-click on the Gladinet icon down by your system clock, and click on ‘Task Manager’…

Gladinet Menu

A new window will pop up showing total tasks, as well as progress for each file.  As you’ll see, only 5 tasks at a time will run–the same number as you’re allowed via the Skydrive Uploader like I mentioned above–but it’ll all be automated, so once each task (file upload) finishes, new ones will begin.

Gladinet Task Manager

All you have to do now is sit back (or go to bed) and wait, while Gladinet takes care of uploading your files for you.  When it’s finished, all your files can be accessed wither through the Z: drive on your computer, or via your Windows Live account.


Windows Live Skydrive:

Update:  I just discovered that you can right-click an image on a web page, go to My Computer, browse to the whichever folder on the Z: drive that you’d like, and save the image directly to Skydrive.

WordPress Mobile Edition by Alex King

Posted by Sumpm On January - 3 - 2009

So, I got my new Centro and an unlimited data plan, which means I’m sitting at my computer, but surfing the web on my phone’s 2.5" screen.  Makes a lot of sense, I know.  Eventually, I made my way to my blog, and suddenly remembered that it’s extremely unfriendly to the bandwidth-challenged out there.  I ended up getting errors from the Centro’s browser because it took too long to render the page.  That’s when I started looking for a WordPress plugin that would render an alternate layout for mobile devices.

I found some real crap out there, but one that worked absolutely great is made by Alex King (  My pages download extremely quickly to my Centro, and it also displays photos that I import via my Flickr-tag plugin (which another mobile plug did not).

Wordpress Mobile Edition by Alex King

If you have a WordPress website, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute installing this plugin.  Considering how much time people spend surfing the web on mobile devices, you don’t want them avoiding you site simply because they can’t get it to load.

Steve Jobs is Nuts

Posted by Sumpm On June - 10 - 2008

So there I was, just sitting at my PC, listening to my iRiver mp3 player and talking on my Motorola Razr, and in runs Steve Jobs.  "How’d you get in my house?" I yelled, but he just kept jumping up and down, yelling all sorts of nonsense.  I lept out of my chair to tackle the deranged man, only to be slapped by the iPhone 2.0 and some other crap he was peddling.

"NO!!!," I screamed.  "I need easy-to-use devices with great battery life that don’t force me to install third-party apps and convert to proprietary file systems!"  He had no answer.  He simply knocked over my monitor and left.

Hide your children, protect your women.  A crazy man is on the loose…

Steve Jobs is Nuts

Libertarian Robot

Posted by Sumpm On July - 20 - 2007

High price for load of hot air

Posted by Sumpm On June - 18 - 2007

Article from: 

WITH understandable reluctance, Prime Minister John Howard recently donned the political hair-shirt of a carbon trading system.

On the same day, NASA chief Michael Griffin commented in a US radio interview that "I am not sure that it is fair to say that (global warming) is a problem that we must wrestle with".

NASA is an agency that knows a thing or two about climate change. As Griffin added: "We study global climate change, that is in our authorisation, we think we do it rather well.  "I’m proud of that, but NASA is not an agency chartered to, quote, battle climate change."

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I smell a new project…

Posted by Sumpm On June - 13 - 2007

The UPS man just dropped these off at my door.  Gee, I wonder what I’ll have to do with them…





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